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Immediately see results of who matches your church culture and church job requirements for a particular posted position.

We were told it was impossible.

If you’ve heard of how dating sites match potential mates, then you can quickly understand how we match a church up with qualified candidates who match the pastor job description as well as the church culture.


  • 1 Quick SignUp.
  • 2 Fill out your church profile.
  • 3 Post an open prospective position.
  • 4 View matches.


  • 1 Quick SignUp.
  • 2 Fill out your church profile.
  • 3 View matches.
  • 4 You get contacted by churches.

Why Us

I personally know of many ministers who have been fired for one reason or another, most of which were church culture related. I want to help eliminate a great percentage of this as well as equip churches with the tool to hire qualified candidates for pastor jobs much like how dating sites match potential mates. I am called to help equip churches to push them to their best potential.


  • Michael-J W. Michael-J W. “My wife is the nursery director at our church, I just showed her this site and she told me she would be excited to share it with our pastor, so he can hire our new staff member!...”
  • Pastor George H. Pastor George H. “We are a conservative church that loves the way we currently hire our staff. One of my colleagues suggested we view this site. At first I was skeptical but my youth leader assured me that this is the direction things are going and that we should try it. I am so glad we decided to try it because we now have a staff member who fits the way we do things and contributes a lot to the vision that God has given us....”
  •    Betsy F. Betsy F. “It’s not too often that a site like this comes along and completely disrupts the whole way we handle hiring new staff. This is such a welcome addition to my arsenal of tools we use to help our church grow and move forward with our church vision!...”
  •  Steve M.T Steve M. “I cannot wait until this is launched so we can use such a great tool for the church. I wish more tools like this existed for the church. It would be a huge help to be able to speed up some of the work we do in ministry....”

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