Churches and Jobseekers Need to Tell the Truth... ALWAYS.

March 22, 2017

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Wed, Mar. 22, 2017

Seth Godin had a great post today about the value of telling the truth.

“When lies are mixed in with the expectation for truth, the system grinds to a halt.”

I talk with churches and job seekers every day that tell me that the truth has been compromised in their situation.

I hear often from job seekers that after they have accepted a job and moved their families, that things at the church are not at all what was represented during the job search process. (Sometimes this is, according to the candidates, not done with maliciousness... but other times it is a total fabricated or misaligned view of what is actually happening.)

The same is true on the church side. I’ve heard churches say that often ministry candidates mislead during the job interviews. (This most often comes in the form of half-truths or omissions).

Many candidates (and churches) tell me that they know very quickly that there is a mismatch. But they try to make it work.

It very seldom does.

As I work with both candidates and churches, I constantly ask that they represent the truth.

To be honest... the staffing process is a dance. Each party is trying to make a great impression and show their best moves. You just need to be sure that in your efforts to make a great impression that you give an ‘accurate’ impression.

Seth finishes: “It's an incredible privilege to have a role where you are expected to tell the truth. Your colleagues are trusting you, letting down their guard and enabling you to contribute highly-leveraged work. It doesn't take much to break that trust and to degrade the efficiency of the entire system.”

So true. And when the system breaks, it costs time, money, and in our ‘business’... eternity is at stake.

Have you been a victim or been caught in a situation like this? I’d love to hear from you... send me an email at I’m all about facilitating healthy moves for individuals and churches. And in the event that we have a mess to clean up, I’d love to lend some expertise there as well.

~Todd Rhoades

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